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Kickboxing Lessons in Kimberling City Missouri. Do you want to do kickboxing for whatever purpose like being fit, learning as a self-defense, or just to have fun? If you want to do kickboxing, we are offering the service in the area. We can totally help you attain your goals or objectives in this kind of sport. In addition, we will guide you all throughout your journey. Once, you will enroll with us, we will teach you all the basics, types, and benefits of kickboxing. Furthermore, we will make sure that you will gain a profound insight about this particular sport, and here’s a few: Basics of kickboxing If your purpose for doing kickboxing is for competition, you have to be familiar with the basics of the sports which include the rules in the ring, right and solid punches, and kicks. When it comes to the rules in the ring, every round will last up to two minutes. For amateurs kick boxers, there are three rounds and for professional, there are 12 rounds. Furthermore, you will get higher scores from the judges when you have solid kicks and punches and you can even win by a knockout. In terms of punches, the most popular kinds are cross and jab which has a little similarity with boxers. However, in kickboxing, the punches are harder because when you do not make it properly, you might be kicked by your opponent. When it comes to kicks, you need to make sure that in every round, you do at least eight kicks so that you will not be penalized. Kickboxing Lessons in Kimberling City Missouri. With the aforesaid basics of kickboxing, we will help you learn all those things. Also, at the end of the day, you will surely acquire a profound insight about them. However, you need to be very passionate enough because the training will be difficult but full of fun. In addition, our certified professional instructors will try their very best to teach kickboxing in an easy way so you do not need to be afraid. Aside from that, they are friendly enough so you will experience a safe and non-threatening atmosphere. Types of Kickboxing Aside from the basics, you will also be familiar with a few types of kickboxing. Cardio kickboxing which is geared towards becoming and keeping fit. Muay Thai which utilizes a wide variety of elbow attacks. Adithada which uses elbow, forehead strikes, and knee. Aside from these types, there are other kinds of kickboxing that we will teach you. Benefits of kickboxing Kickboxing is very beneficial once you want to be fit. In this way, we will help you lose more pounds every day and we can assure you of experiencing a big difference. Aside from that, if you want to stay physically fit, you can also count on us. Furthermore, if you want to learn various self-defense, we can teach you and when you want to make yourself prepared with a competition, you will surely win. In this connection, we can help you achieve whatever your purpose where you can have a profound understanding. Also, we make sure that our kickboxing trainings will not only be challenging but also full of fun. Kickboxing Lessons in Kimberling City Missouri. Learn Kickboxing In Your Area We love kickboxing. Historically developed from western boxing, Muay Thai and Karate, kickboxing is an age old stand up sport that is based on punching and kicking. It’s mainly practiced as a contact sport, for general fitness as well as self defense. It’s no wonder it’s practiced by individuals who want to try kickboxing for competition and fitness kickboxing. But what are the basics of kickboxing that we cover for adults with various abilities to ensure set objectives are met? 1. Odds and ends: For starters your abs should always be tight and your elbows and knees should never be locked. They should always be loose. The entire leg should be used as a shock absorber while the body should be kept in a neutral position with the back neither rounded nor arched. 2. Fighting stance: The arms should be kept in front of the shoulders with the arms placed along the sides at a 90-degree angle. Be sure to hold your fists in a defensive position. Both feet should be placed shoulder width apart with the lead toe pointing out and forward at an angle. Distribute your weight over both feet and keep the knees slightly bent. 3. Defense position: The biceps should be so close to the body that you feel the chest. Moreover, the elbows should along the side of the body at an angle of 90-degrees in front of the shoulders while the fists should be held in front of the chin. Are there any benefits of learning kickboxing? Whether you are a beginner or a pro fighter, there are several benefits of learning kickboxing. Some of them include: 1. Weight loss: In just an hour, a kickboxing workout can help you burn up to 800-1000 calories! This means that kickboxing is a much more effective workout for losing weight than most workouts. And to top it, you get to lose the extra weight while doing something fun. 2. Self defense: While you may not set out to learn kickboxing with the ultimate goal of learning self defense, it’s a pretty effective way of realizing this objective. Even when you aren’t considering learning kickboxing to become a better fighter, consider it because it will equip you with vital self-defense skills. 3. Conquering your fears: Learning kickboxing may at first seem scary and intimidating for many people. But as time goes by and you keep practicing, you find that you are able to get over your fear of being hit and this goes beyond the gym to your life. Well you get the picture. Learning kickboxing is quite easy and it comes with various benefits. With this knowledge, there is no reason why you shouldn’t give kickboxing a try.

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